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Manfrotto G200-1, Sand BAG medium 10KG, zátěžový vak

Manfrotto G200-1, Sand BAG medium 10KG, zátěžový vak

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 MA G200-1

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Get more from you stands and securely increase their payloads with this high quality sandbag. High-quality, portable, and versatile, it’s a smart addition to you kit that is designed to withstand frequent use and carry heavy loads.

Able to handle a an impressive payload of up to 10kg, this sandbag is a must-have accessory for professionals looking to counterbalance their heavier photography equipment. Turn your light stand into a boom stand, or use it with a variety of other stands and rest assured that you gear is safely stabilised. Simply fill the bag with sand, rocks, or anything you can get you hands on and attach the loaded bag to you stand to instantly increase its payload. Protect yourself and your equipment by avoiding any sudden falls with this nifty add-on. Of medium size, this sandbag is made from durable black nylon that can withstand repeated use without struggle.

Extremely portable and convenient, this sandbag weighs a mere 280g when empty, so you won't even notice it in you kit bag. Carry it around empty and fill it up once on location to save on space and weight. Designed in Italy with the highest standards of quality, it is a dependable choice that you're sure to get a lot of use out of. Add this must-have accessory to you kitbag and get more from you equipment. Sand not included.

Medium-sized sandbag for balancing heavy gear
Max payload of 10Kg when filled
Made of resilient black nylon
Does not include sand
Ideal for turning light stands into boom stands

Weight 280 g
Max Payload 10 kg
Color Black
Depth 5 cm
Height 45 cm
Length 30 cm
Material Synthetic Fabric