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Lastolite Ezyview 40cm (LR2492)

Lastolite Ezyview 40cm (LR2492)

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 LL LR2492

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While developments in digital photography have, in many cases, made the job of the professional photographer easier, it also poses its own challenges. For example, ask any photographer the following questions: Do you struggle on location to confirm that moment has been captured correctly? Is the sun so strong you cannot see if the models eyes are open or closed? Is it raining so hard that you do not dare fire up your laptop to see if the photos are under-exposed or not? Lastolite's new Ezyview allows you to edit your images in the field, rain or shine. The Ezyview is a collapsible cube that is water resistant and uses a coated fabric and water proof steel rims. It is designed to fit all laptop computers on the market today, and is approximately 18.75 inches square and folds down to 1/3 of its opened size.

Weight 750 g
comes with fabric bag Yes
Diffuser - Height 52 cm
Diffuser - Width 48 cm
Product - Height 17 cm
In Bag - Depth 17 cm
In Bag - Height 30 cm
Weight - In Bag 0,814 kg
Weight - Out Of Bag 0,75 kg
Product - Width 30 mm
In Bag - Width 30 cm

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