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Lastolite Cubelite 90cm With Removable Back (LR3687)

Lastolite Cubelite 90cm With Removable Back (LR3687)

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 LL LR3687

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Designed for either location or studio photography, the Outdoor Cubelite revolutionizes location use and offers photographers even more shooting versatility.

Lastolite's original Cubelite was designed exclusively for product photographers, creating a completely shadowless, non-reflective environment that sets up in seconds. Continuing in that successful tradition, Lastolite's Outdoor Cubelite is the ideal solution for product photography shot on location, as well as in the studio.

Made from the same materials as the standard Cubelite with the added bonus of weather resistant steel, this 3-ft version has the advantages of a removable base and back allowing it to be placed either directly over the subject; or, with the back removed, the subject can even be photographed in its natural surroundings... with no compromise necessary for lighting or weather conditions.

Easily collapses flat
Reflection control
Features a unique base diffusion system
Ideal for product shots

Open Size Large
Weight 1749 g
comes with fabric bag Yes
Product - Height 96 cm
In Bag - Depth 8 cm
In Bag - Height 50 cm
Weight - In Bag 2,161 kg
Weight - Out Of Bag 1,75 kg
Product - Width 94 mm
In Bag - Width 50 cm

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