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Lastolite Cubelite 90cm (LR3686)

Lastolite Cubelite 90cm (LR3686)

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 LL LR3686

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The Cubelite allows the photographer to control the lighting of products, minimizing shadows and isolating the subject from the background. It's never been easier to take quick and crisp product shots on location or in the studio simply set up the Cubelite, place lights on the outside and your good to go.

The Cubelite has been enhanced in a number of ways so as to improve its utility:
• Background clips mounted in the roof for additional height.
• Open base for even floor surface, easier to fold and enables positioning of cube over immoveable items e.g. plants.
• Front opens to edge of Cubelite for wider viewing angles

Easily collapses flat
Reflection control
Features a unique base diffusion system
Ideal for product shots

Open Size Medium
Weight 1809 g
comes with fabric bag Yes
Product - Height 96 cm
In Bag - Depth 8 cm
In Bag - Height 50 cm
Weight - In Bag 2,169 kg
Weight - Out Of Bag 1,81 kg
Product - Width 94 mm
In Bag - Width 50 cm

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