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Hama Multifunctional Torch

Hama Multifunctional Torch

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DMOC s DPH490490 Kč
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Hama Multifunctional Torch
Hama Multifunctional Torch
Hama Multifunctional Torch
Hama Multifunctional Torch
Hama Multifunctional Torch

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- High-quality, sturdy torch in an anodized aluminium housing, ideal for emergencies, outdoor activities, workshops, vehicles and leisure time
- LED lights are more economical and thus more durable than conventional torches
- LED lights are brighter than conventional torches
- Shockproof thanks to particularly sturdy LED technology
- Adjustable beam focus for perfect illumination of the close and far range
- The magnet offers numerous mounting options on metallic surfaces
- With clip for easy attachment to a backpack, shirt pocket, pair of trousers, etc.
- LED technology for uniform surface illumination
- Weather-proof version
- High-quality Toshiba LED
- 3 lateral permanently lighting white LEDs for large-area illumination
- 3 lateral red LEDs as flashing light for emergencies in road traffic
- Brand-name cells from GP

Note for Consumers:
This product may only be used as a torch.
This product is not suitable for lighting rooms in domestic households.
This product is a special lamp due to the operating ambient temperature (up to -25°C).

Technical Details:
- Luminous Intensity: 180 Lumens
- Number of LEDs: 7
- Number of Lamps: 1
- Diameter: 3.3 cm
- Length: 12,6 cm
- Weight: 195 g
- Battery Type: Micro AAA
- Number of Batteries: 3
- Luminous Range: 100 m
- Colour: Black
- LED Colour: Red/White
- Line: Allround

Scope Of Delivery:
- 1 multifunctional torch
- 3 AAA batteries

Počet LED7
Počet žárovek1
Světelná intenzita180 Lumenů
Délka12,6 cm
Hmotnost195 g
Průměr3,3 cm
Počet baterií3
Typ baterieMicro AAA
Světelný rozsah100 m
Barva LEDBílá | Červená

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